Secret Service Honors 4 Investigators

( On Friday, four Indiana State Police investigators were given awards from the United States Secret Service for their work providing support to the National Computer Forensic Institute (NCFI). The four police investigators provided invaluable support aiding the technical investigations that took place at the NCFI, a complex that was first opened in 2008 and run by the United States Secret Service and the Alabama Office of Prosecution Services.

Each year, the NCFI conducts thousands of digital examinations in partnership with a number of other forensic agencies. In 2021, more than 120,000 examinations took place, with around 40% of those investigations involving some of the worst violent crime cases in the country. These include rapes, murders, robberies, and child exploitation cases – and these four investigators aided with many of them.

The agents who received the awards were Sergeant Chris Carter, Sergeant Patrick Deckard, Sergeant Thomas Egler, and Detective Scott Stewart.

The men received the award after Secret Service Field Offices all over the country submitted nominations for officers who did the best work and who best utilized their training to help solve major cases. Out of more than 70 cases that were submitted, these were the men who won.

Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Indianapolis field office Andrew Campion presented the award.

β€œIn recognition of our partnerships with Internet Crimes Against Children and the Indiana State Police through the National Computer Forensic Institute, thank you for your great work,” he said.

America truly has some of the best investigators in the world.