Secret TRIPS Reported – Biden Operatives Exposed

Biden Operatives Reportedly Behind Secret Night Flights

( – According to the County Executive of Orange County, New York, the Department of Health and Human Services is behind two flights of unaccompanied illegal alien minors that arrived in Orange County on October 7.

Republican Steven M. Neuhaus told the Daily Caller last Monday that the two flights, which had originated in El Paso, Texas, carried around 50 illegal “migrants” and were coordinated by HHS.

In a statement to the Daily Caller, HHS reiterated that it is its “legal responsibility to provide safe, appropriate care to unaccompanied migrant children” when they are in HHS custody, including transporting them to “vetted sponsors or ORR facilities” to “await immigration proceedings.”

HHS claimed that the transportation of these illegals is “clearly communicated to all parties.”

But according to New York State Republican Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, who was on the ground when the two flights landed in Orange County, the flights arrived with no advanced notice, and the passengers were then transferred to buses.

Calling it a “clandestine secret operation from the Biden administration,” Schmitt told the Daily Caller that these flights are “unacceptable.” Local officials are only learning about the flights from 911 calls or concerned citizens calling the offices, Schmitt added.

The New York Post first broke the story of the Biden administration’s late-night flights of illegal aliens into New York State in October of last year. According to the Post, these flights began in August 2021.

According to Steven Neuhaus’ office, the illegal aliens aboard the two flights landing in Orange County on October 7 were loaded onto buses and transported to Poughkeepsie, Kingston, and New York City.

One local business owner who spoke to the Daily Caller anonymously said the county blocked his employees from entering or leaving his business “because they were waiting for these buses.”

“It’s a ridiculous scenario,” the business owner said.

Read the Daily Caller report HERE.

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