Senator Candidate Criticizes Ted Cruz Over His Media Endeavors

( — The Texas Democrat hoping to challenge Senator Ted Cruz in the 2024 election last week attacked the Republican incumbent over his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” Newsweek reported.

Texas Rep. Collin Allred, who is one of the Democrats running in the Texas primary to challenge Senator Cruz in November, appeared on Chris Hayes’ “All In” on MSNBC last Thursday, where he blasted Cruz for being too busy with his podcast to be part of the Senate negotiations on border security.

Allred suggested that voters in Texas should elect him so Cruz could “live his dream of being a full-time talking head.”

In a statement to Newsweek on Friday, Paige Hutchinson, Allred’s campaign manager, suggested that the people of Texas deserve to have a senator who “cares more about serving them than being a media personality.”

Hutchinson argued that between his podcast and his “constant cable news appearances,” Cruz has shown that “he only cares about himself.”

Cruz’s campaign, however, defended his podcast, saying that the senator does the podcast in his spare time and uses the program to call attention to the issues that are important to the state and the country that the mainstream media “neglects to cover fairly.”

“Verdict with Ted Cruz” is only one of the podcasts hosted by US lawmakers. It releases three episodes each week, with each podcast ranging from 30 minutes to one hour.

Cruz’s spokesperson dismissed Allred’s comments, suggesting that if the Democrat wanted to “continue broadcasting that he is insecure” about Cruz’s ability to multitask, “we enthusiastically encourage him to continue doing so.”

In his interview with Chris Hayes, Allred argued that Senator Cruz was not an effective legislator, saying Cruz would not be “rolling up his sleeves” to help the Senate arrive at a compromise on immigration and border security.

Allred, a regular guest on MSNBC, told Chris Hayes that all Cruz does is appear on cable news shows and do his podcast.

Allred is running in the Democratic primary against Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez, a progressive-left candidate from San Antonio.

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