Shocking Pfizer Trial Data Uncovered

After several websites promoting the recent claims made by feminist author Naomi Wolf that 44 percent of women participating in Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trial miscarried, reporter Amber Athey reviewed the report of adverse effects for the Spectator and found Wolf’s claims are not accurate. 


It probably isn’t a good idea to believe someone who is as much of a “Dr.” as Jill Biden. 


According to Athey, Wolf claimed she had 2,500 volunteers along with hundreds of lawyers review the recently released documents from Pfizer, but their conclusions were “wildly misinterpreted.” 


Athey explains that “adverse events” listed in trials can’t be confirmed as having been caused by the vaccine. Among the “adverse events” listed in the Pfizer documents were car accidents, crashing a bike, and falling. 


Wolf claims of the fifty pregnant women who participated in the trial, 22 of them suffered a miscarriage. But Wolf is double-counting. 


Athey explains that the report places the women who miscarried into two separate lists, once under “all adverse events” and once under “serious” adverse events. They didn’t have two separate miscarriages, but Wolf counted them as two separate miscarriages. 


And while one might assume that this means 11 of the 50 pregnant women miscarried after taking the vaccine, Athey explains that this number isn’t correct either. 


Reviewing the documents further, Athey found that only three of the fifty pregnant women listed miscarried during the trial. It is unclear who accounted for the other eight miscarriages. 


Athey explains that unique subject numbers for those eight women do not appear in the table of the fifty women who were listed as being pregnant after taking the first dose of the vaccine. She writes that it’s possible those eight may have already been pregnant before taking the first dose and that is why they aren’t listed. 


Athey cites one researcher who found that 66 subjects who reported “exposure during pregnancy” during the trial. So 11 miscarriages out of 66 subjects come to 16.67 percent, not the 44 percent “Dr.” Naomi Wolf claimed.