Small Percentage Of Americans Wants Biden To Remove Judges

An Axios/Ipsos poll released last Monday found that 35 percent of respondents believe a president should have the power to remove a federal judge if the judge makes a ruling they don’t like.

You know, to protect “democracy.”

In total, only 43 percent of respondents want the president to abide by the limited powers outlined in the Constitution.

Unsurprisingly, fewer Democrats (39 percent) than Republicans (57 percent) don’t think the president should have the power to unilaterally sack a federal judge.

There are three separate, but equal branches of the federal government. The Executive Branch does not have the power to unilaterally remove a federal judge any more than a president could remove an elected member of Congress.

Judges confirmed for a lifetime appointment to the bench can only be removed through the impeachment process in Congress. The president doesn’t have the constitutional authority to simply fire a judge, no matter how much public outcry is ginned up on Twitter over Roe v. Wade being overturned.

The survey also found that 74 percent of respondents don’t believe Biden’s unconstitutional student debt bailout will solve the problem of the high cost of college. Meanwhile, the majority, 54 percent, believe Biden’s student debt bailout was unfair.

The Axios/Ipsos poll also found that 79 percent of Democrats and 77 percent of Republicans believe they have nothing in common with people from the opposing party.

Meanwhile, 51 percent of respondents do not believe the federal government should have the power to prosecute members of the news media that make “offensive or unpatriotic statements.”