Some Say Mother Forced Boy To “Play Daddy” While Reporting Him Missing

( — At a press conference last Thursday, Houston police disputed allegations that the 25-year-old man who was falsely reported missing in 2015 was a victim of abuse, Fox News reported.

Rudy Farias, who at 17 was reported missing by his mother Janie Santana in March 2015, was found at a church on June 29. But according to the police, Farias had only been missing for one day and he and Santana kept up the ruse by using false names.

Houston police said prosecutors have not filed charges against Santana or her son as yet, but the investigation is ongoing, the Associated Press reported.

Houston Police Lt. Christopher Zamora told reporters that after interviewing Farias, police concluded that there was no sexual abuse reported.

Family members said they suspected that Farias had not been missing and accused his mother of keeping him hidden from them for years.

Farias’ aunt Pauline Sanchez Rodriguez told the Associated Press that the family is not happy that the authorities are charging Santana.

Both Farias and his mother were interviewed by police in the presence of an activist named Quanell X.

That activist later claimed that Farias made allegations of abuse. He claimed that Farias alleged that his mother kept him locked up in the home, drugging him and sexually abusing him. Quanell X also told reporters that Santana asked Farias to “play daddy” and told him that he “had to be the husband.”

However, Sgt. Stephen Jimenez, the officer who interviewed Farias, told reporters that he there were no statements made during the interview alleging abuse.

According to Lt. Zamora, Farias and Santana had multiple interactions with Houston Police over the years he was allegedly missing, but the two used fictitious names and birth dates during those encounters.

Reporters at the press conference were stunned when police revealed that Farias opted to return home to his mother.

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