Sophie Turner’s Friends Spill Tantalizing Secrets

( — Sophie Turner reportedly felt confined in her relationship with Joe Jonas, believing she had missed out on youthful experiences after marrying him and becoming a young mother of two, according to a source close to the actress speaking with MailOnline.

Joe Jonas, 34, recently initiated divorce proceedings from Sophie, 27, after being married for four years. The documents suggest that the marriage has reached an impasse.

An anonymous friend of Sophie’s shared that tensions began to rise last December, leading Sophie to distance herself from Joe earlier this summer. She then spent time reconnecting with school friends, celebrating in the UK, or vacationing in Europe.

Sophie seemed particularly joyful while at Dropshot Digbeth in Birmingham, an arcade bar where she had been filming her new ITV series, Joan. The event was likely a celebration, concluding the filming of the series. Fans might recall a previous moment when Sophie was caught on camera enjoying a drink and dancing at an ice hockey game.

Joe visited the UK with their children during the summer to mend their relationship, staying in Warwickshire, where Sophie grew up. However, their efforts didn’t yield positive results, and Joe returned to the US with their children, who have been with him since the separation.

The insider remarked, “Sophie’s journey to stardom began very early, followed by marriage and motherhood, leaving her feeling as though she missed out on some of the freedoms of youth. She’s grappling with feeling anchored since the end of Game of Thrones and in her personal life. Among her close-knit group of friends, she’s the only one with the responsibilities of a marriage and two kids.”

Jonas will retain all earnings from his music, and Turner will maintain her acting income.

Any assets acquired individually before their union will remain separate, but they will divide the marital residence. The decisions regarding custody and child support remain pending, awaiting a judge’s verdict. Child support amounts will be calculated based on their monthly incomes and the higher earner’s contribution.

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