Soros-Backed Media Matters Lashes Out At Fox News For Targeting George Soros

( The Soros-backed Media Matters had somewhat of a meltdown when Fox News targeted their donor in a segment exposing his relation to district attorneys in cities across the country and their rising crime.

The article claims George Soros to be a philanthropist—but if that means funneling millions of dollars into soft-on-crime district attorneys and subverting the cities they purport to be helping, then Soros certainly is a philanthropist.

The outlet summarized portions of the Fox segment without any argument against the rising crime in major cities or how the district attorneys are partial to the cause, implicitly adding without argument that the list of district attorneys that Soros funded correlates to rising crime in the cities. Crime in cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington, D.C. are up from 5% to 40% so far this year compared to 2021.

When the Washington Post can admit that crime has increased in one of America’s largest cities, New York City, then criticism of the very district attorneys responsible for prosecuting that crime is commonplace in politics.

But at one point, co-host Will Cain said that “When you bring up George Soros’ name, people automatically accuse you of antisemitism.”

Not so ironically, that’s exactly what Media Matters does almost immediately after. Apparently, criticizing George Soros for where he puts his money and saying that it is destroying cities, as true as it might be, is antisemitic because “These lines of attack are derived from a centuries-old conspiracy theory that a cabal of Jews is controlling the government and the media for nefarious purposes.”

In New York City, crime has been steadily increasing the past couple years with violence on the subway reaching over 70%. 98 violent felonies took place on the subway in May alone. A February poll by Quinnipiac shows that less than half of subway riders feel safe. Are New Yorkers antisemitic for feeling unsafe?

Earlier this year, an artist stood outside the office of New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg with art depicting the murders that occurred under his watch.