Soros Behind Group That Harassed Kyrsten Sinema In Bathroom

( Over the weekend, illegal immigrant “activists” accosted Senator Kyrsten Sinema at Arizona State University where she teaches. The “activists” followed Sinema into the ladies room and harassed her as she was using the toilet. Worse still, they filmed the entire exchange then posted it to social media as if it was something to boast about.

The next day, one of the two illegal aliens boarded the same DC-bound flight as Senator Sinema and once again filmed herself harassing the Senator aboard the flight.

These idiots weren’t just random illegal aliens. In fact, they belonged to a group called LUCHA – Living United for Change in Arizona – which demands amnesty for every last illegal alien living in the United States.

And who funds LUCHA?

Who else? George Soros.

LUCHA is listed as a partner of the Center for Popular Democracy which receives millions of dollars each year from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. In 2019 alone, the Center for Popular Democracy raked in $2.3 million from Open Society Foundation.

And this kind of targeted harassment of lawmakers is the Center for Popular Democracy’s signature move. Back in 2018 during the Kavanaugh confirmation, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake was confronted and screamed at in an elevator by two women – one of whom was an executive with the Center for Popular Democracy.

It’s amazing how many of these radicals can be traced back to George Soros cash, isn’t it?

The Left loves to accuse movements on the right of being “astroturf” and not “grassroots.” But the truth is, it is the Left that claims the mantle of astroturf. And their astroturf is lucratively funded one man.

While those idiots who filmed Senator Sinema tried to portray themselves as just a couple gals who helped get her elected, the reality is very, very different. They are coordinated, well-funded radical activists.

Not only that, their actions are being tacitly condoned by members of the Senate.

This week, several Democrat Senators tried to craft a statement of condemnation over the harassment of their colleague. But Bernie Sanders refused to sign on, unless the statement also included a great big “BUT.”

Senator Sanders wanted to include a caveat to the statement that would have effectively defanged the condemnation by adding that the Senators hope Sinema changes her position and supports the $3.5 trillion bill.

When Senator Booker’s office refused to add this caveat, Sanders said he would not sign the condemnation of these LUCHA activists’ harassment. Now it looks like no condemnation statement will be released at all.