“Squad” Member Under Fire For Hiding Key Fact About Man’s Death

(PatriotWise.com)- Far-left “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib has caused controversy yet again for claiming that Israel – the Jewish, Democratic state – is actively “dehumanizing” terrorist aggressors in Palestine.

She claims that this is evident from the news that a Ph.D. student who was allegedly killed while attacking Israeli Defense Soldier will be withheld by the state.

Over the weekend, the far-left congresswoman shared a photograph of the mother of deceased student Mai Afana’s mother and wrote a long Twitter thread in which she said that Afana was “killed” by Israel and that it was wrong for the body not to be returned to the family.

She said that she was sharing the story because she only learned of the “inhumane practice by the Israeli government” last year and that she feels compelled to stand up to the way Israel “dehumanizes” Palestinians.


Here is the thread:

Here’s the problem: Afana wasn’t killed for no reason. She rammed her vehicle into an Israeli checkpoint on the West Bank, left the car, and then ran at Israeli Defense Force soldiers holding a knife. She even injured one of those soldiers.

As a result of what she did – which is, by definition, a terror attack – she was killed by those soldiers.

Reports suggest that Israel is withholding the body as part of a negotiation effort to get Hamas – the terrorist Jihadist organization that runs Palestine – to return the Israeli bodies and living captives.

Rashida Tlaib chose not to mention that Afana was a terrorist and that the withholding of the body is a negotiating effort.

Tlaib has not since apologized nor has she acknowledged that she is siding with the family of a terrorist.