Stacy Abrams Reveals Why She Skipped Inauguration Of Joe Biden

( Far-left Georgia activist Stacey Abrams, who campaigns for relaxing Georgia’s voting laws and making it easier for illegal aliens to vote in elections, recently announced that she would miss President Joe Biden’s speech on “voting rights” that took place on Tuesday in her state.

And she certainly did miss it.

Abrams, who is one of the most relentless and recognizable campaigners for relaxing voting laws should be pleased to see President Joe Biden throwing his weight behind so-called “voting rights” legislation that Democrats are trying to force through Congress. So why wasn’t she there?

Ben Williamson, who previously worked for former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, noted the bizarre decision by Abrams to miss the event.

“There’s bad, and then there’s ‘Gubernatorial candidate in a state you carried cancels on you’ bad,” he wrote on Twitter.

Good point. Abrams, who ran unsuccessfully to become Georgia’s governor last time around, didn’t turn up for what should have been a huge victory speech for her.

An aide for Abrams confirmed that she would not be in attendance, but no reason was given other than a schedule conflict.

Could this be something to do with that Quinnipiac University poll that showed how President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted to a pathetic 33%? Perhaps Abrams doesn’t want to be tarred with the same brush as Biden, especially as she prepared to run again.

She did, however, thank the president on Twitter for “refusing to relent until the work is finished.”

Presumably the fight doesn’t end until every illegal alien is a voting citizen, and turning out to vote for extremist Democrats like Abrams…