Star Goes After DNC In Brutal Rant

( — Actor James Van Der Beek launched a ferocious attack on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for betraying American democracy. The star of “Varsity Blues” and “Dawson’s Creek” condemned the Democrats for refusing to hold primary debates as part of the race for the White House in 2024.

The actor said Democrats should not have honored US veterans on Memorial Day Weekend while simultaneously denying the American people a voice in the nomination of the Democratic candidate.

In April, the Democrats said they had “no plans” to hold debates on who should be the party’s Presidential candidate, despite high levels of support for those standing against President Biden. Candidate Marianne Williamson said the party is acting as though Biden has no challengers and was doing so to make sure he sailed seamlessly into the nomination.

Similarly, Robert F. Kennedy, who entered the contest in April, condemned the decision.

A Fox News poll in May showed that support for the President is ebbing away. The survey found that 28% of Democratic primary voters had moved from Biden and given their support to Kennedy and Williamson. Kennedy had taken 19% of the President’s previous supporters, while Williamson gained 9%.

The two candidates have a very different political viewpoint from the President, meaning their growing support is ringing alarm bells in the Biden camp, according to some Democratic strategists. Kennedy has spoken out against mass immigration and called for the southern border to be closed. He is a fierce critic of mandatory vaccinations and is from mainstream social media sites for expressing that view.

Williamson is on the party’s left and argues that Biden has not done enough for America’s working class. She also has radical proposals that veer away from the mainstream Democratic party. The best-selling self-help author said she wants to remake the US economy completely, has called for tougher action on climate change, and supports slavery reparation payments for black Americans.

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