Star Trek Makes Stacey Abrams A Fictional President In Cameo Appearance

( She may not be able to win elections in the real world, but in the fantasy world of Star Trek, even a loser like Stacey Abrams can grow up to be President.

Abrams, a Star Trek super-fan, was given a cameo role in the final scene of this season’s finale of “Star Trek: Discovery” where she played the President of United Earth.

“Madam President” steps off a spaceship at the tail end of the episode and agrees to rejoin the interstellar Federation of Planets, telling the captain Michael Burnham, “There’s a lot of work to do. Are you ready for that?”

For Democrats, failure is always a resume-enhancer.

Here is a woman whose only claim to fame is losing her 2018 bid for Georgia Governor then claiming the election was rigged and refusing to concede.

And for that, the producers of “Star Trek: Discovery,” the shameless suck-ups that they are, offer her a cameo appearance as “President of United Earth.”

You have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious.