State Capitol Building Faces Massive Floods, With Inches Of Water Coving Floors

( The Texas State Capitol building was hit by a real disaster over the weekend, as the capital city of Austin was hit with over four inches of rainfall in the space of an hour. Storms resulted in the Capitol Building flooding with rainwater, with shocking footage released by Texas House of Representatives Chief of Staff Sloan Byerly.

In the clips, which you can see in the Tweet, below, flood water can be seen spreading through the hallways of the capitol building, and water is even visibly dripping from the ceilings.

The water wasn’t just a direct result of the rain, but also a result of a storm drain clogging up and backing water up into a skylight drain trough.

That’s pretty dramatic!

Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott told his social media followers that it was “all hands on deck” in Austin, with crews of workmen cleaning up the building to get it back into working order so politicians can get to work.

Abbott said that the State Preservation Board and his office discussed the matter after Sunday’s flooding and agreed to immediately respond. And despite the bad weather, those efforts proved successful, as legislators were able to return to their duty on Monday

Following the dramatic storms, Governor Abbot hit the news again, as it was revealed that he had contracted COVID-19. The Republican governor was fully vaccinated, meaning his case is technically classified as a “breakthrough case.”

Speaking to Twitter, he said that he has few symptoms, and is experiencing just a few aches and pains.

That’s one dramatic week for one of the nation’s most popular governors.