State Department Official Claims Riots In Afghanistan Are “Congestion”

( The floundering responses coming from the Biden administration over the chaos in Kabul has been something to see.

The Taliban forces created a perimeter around the airport blocking and harassing those attempting to flee, and Ned Price, that dope of a spokesman from the State Department, last Thursday described this Taliban blockage as “congestion.”

Like he’s giving a traffic report.

“This is Ned Price with Air Channel Five. Boy, it’s looking pretty congested down there by Kabul airport. So If you’re fleeing for your life, be aware that there is some congestion. You might want to give yourself extra time for travel before you attempt to escape.”

What an idiot.

On Tuesday, it was reported that the US military has already started reducing the number of troops currently aiding in the evacuation efforts. Countless numbers of Americans are still within the country, but the Administration is pulling out the troops?

Are they insane?

The US has less than a week to get stranded Americans out of Afghanistan, and they do this.

Whoops. Scratch that. Using the word “stranded” is against the rules:

During Tuesday’s press briefing, Psaki finally admitted that some Americans just might end up, dare we say it, “stranded” in Afghanistan after August 31. But she’s not going to get into it.

Tuesday the President conferred with G7 members who requested that the withdrawal date of August 31 be extended to allow for more time to get their people out. You know, since things around the airport are “congested,” they need more time.

And is Biden going to do it? Nope.

Shortly after this meeting with the G7, it was reported that the President is sticking to the August 31 deadline.

Also on Tuesday, the US embassy in Kabul issued a final alert to US citizens in Afghanistan to leave now or they are on their own. Thirty minutes later, the embassy removed the alert.

Who is driving this bus?

Terrorists blocking people from getting through to the airport is “congestion.”

Leaving American citizens stranded in Afghanistan isn’t leaving them “stranded.”

This is a complete disaster.

But there are far worse things happening than the Administration’s semantics game.

The reason President Biden is sticking to his August 31 deadline is because the Taliban is refusing to allow the US to remain after the deadline President Biden imposed.

In other words, the President and Commander-in-Chief of the world’s only superpower is letting a bunch of tenth century barbarians set the terms.