State Senator Carjacked At Gunpoint

( An Illinois state senator was reportedly the victim of a carjacking attack that took place in Laurie Lightfoot’s Chicago, according to local reports and the local police.

On Wednesday, the Broadview Police Department confirmed that three masked people who were driving a Dodge Durango hijacked Senator Kimberley Lightford’s car, a black Mercedes-Benz SUV. She was driving with her husband Eric McKennie at the time.

The department also said that multiple gunshots were fired during the incident, but that the two victims were thankfully not harmed. Surveillance footage is currently being sought by the police to assist with the investigation.

The incident came on the same day that Democratic Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon of Pennsylvania was also carjacked at gunpoint in Philadelphia. Scanlon was leaving a meeting in her district when it happened, and thankfully she was also not harmed in the incident. Five people have been arrested in relation to the Philadelphia jacking so far.

Is this some really weird coincidence or is something going on here? Why would carjackers be interested in mugging, attacking, or stealing from state representatives?

In a public state, Lightford said that she is thankful to be alive and unharmed, but that she is still “trying to process the trauma of what happened.”

Notice, by the way, that both cities in which these incidents happened are controlled by Democrats. Just saying…