Steve Bannon CORNERED By Reporter – Asked One Simple Question!

Steve Bannon Gets Cornered By Reporter Over One Simple Question

( – Even though Steve Bannon continues to assert that the presidential election in 2020 was rigged against former President Donald Trump, former Republican Tim Miller is adamant that Bannon is aware that this is not the case.

Miller can be seen having a confrontation with Bannon on this week’s episode of The Circus on Showtime. The fight occurs in Arizona, where Trump-backed candidate Kari Lake (R), a former television news anchor, is engaged in a too-close-to-call gubernatorial race against Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D).

Lake is perpetuating the election fraud claim made by the former president, which has achieved canonical status in the Trump universe.

In reference to Trump’s post-election effort to overturn the results, Miller said to Bannon, “You’re the king of the ‘Stop the Steal’ movement.” “Why are you even in this place?”

Miller quipped that he thought Lake was supposed to be trying to get away from Bannon and moving closer to the center to win over the moderate voters who supported John McCain and Jeff Flake.

Bannon responded, “I think she’s going to get that.”

Miller asked what exactly she was trying to do to try and win over those voters.

“It would appear that she is campaigning against those individuals,” he said.

Bannon reaffirmed his belief that Lake was making an attractive case to moderate voters.

“But why does she keep bringing up the presidential election in 2020?” Miller asked.

“Wait until the next session of the House of Representatives, when we will actually have a J6 committee…” Bannon said.

Miller retorted by saying, “Oh, come on.”

Bannon responded by predicting that a House controlled by Republicans in the future will “adjudicate the 2020 election.”

Miller, who has a long-standing friendship with Bannon, responded by saying, “You don’t actually believe this sh**.”

He insisted, “one hundred percent,” that this was the case.

Bannon said, “That was not Trump,” when Miller brought up the Capitol insurrection.

Miller said, “That wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been lying about it.” “Come on, man, you can’t be serious!”

Miller ended the conversation quickly by saying, “I’m done,” and walked away.

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