Steve Bannon Floats RFK Jr As Trump 2024 VP

( — Steve Bannon floated Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as an “excellent choice” for Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate, according to Newsweek. During an episode of his War Room podcast, the former chief strategist under Trump spoke about Kennedy’s speech at Hillsdale College in Michigan, saying that he was given a standing ovation by a hardcore MAGA crowd.

Bannon’s first choice for Trump’s VP is Kari Lake, who lost her Arizona gubernatorial race to Katie Hobbs. But Bannon said that if the court case does not work out, in which Lake is currently alleging fraud in the election that cost her a win, then Kennedy would be a good choice.


An NBC poll revealed that the majority of Americans, 70 percent, do not want Joe Biden to stay president for another term, which includes 51 percent of Democrats. Trump is not doing very much better as the same poll revealed that 60 percent of Americans, including around 33 percent of Republicans, do not want him to be president either.

Biden also does not reportedly enjoy a high approval rating. His rating currently stands at 42.3 percent. Historically, presidents who have an approval of 50 percent or higher have easily won a second term.

RFK Jr. is the nephew of the late John F. Kennedy. He is running as a Democrat to give Biden a challenge. His stances include being against censorship and limiting the power of the government to surveil the public. He prioritizes free speech and plans to take America out of foreign wars, according to his campaign website.

Kennedy went after politicians when he worked alongside Children’s Health Defense and sued Biden and other federal officials for advocating censorship of Americans on Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Jay Oliver, a radio news host on LI News Radio, likened Kennedy to a far-right figure because he was seen pictured with President Trump and Roger Stone.

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