Steve Bannon Says MAGA Will Have A 100 Year Reign Outside Courthouse

( Following his Wednesday court appearance in Washington, DC, Trump ally and adviser Steve Bannon came out swinging, asserting that the America First “MAGA” movement will soon retake the US by “killing the Democratic party” for good.

Bannon asserts that the “uprising” of Hispanics, African Americans, and working-class people has been sparked by the anti-American Marxist left and will rival the “political tidal wave” that occurred in the early 1930s when Democrats defeated Republicans 3 to 1 and gained 97 seats in support of Franklin Roosevelt.

Bannon predicted that the results in November wouldn’t even be close. He forecasts that Republicans will win between 80 and 100 seats in the upcoming midterm elections, positioning them for sweeping national gains. And the Republicans will govern for a hundred years after winning a hundred seats.

His prediction is predicated on the trust that the votes won’t be rigged like in 2020.

If everything goes as planned, it will be the end of the Democrats, who have exposed themselves as Marxist radicals more and more since Trump turned the “political table” in 2016.

Bannon’s remarks are consistent with some of his earlier ones regarding the burgeoning America First political movement, which is eager to seize control of Washington, D.C., and eliminate the swamp. Bannon described this movement in 2017 as an “army of patriots” and “MAGA Shock Troops” who are set to make huge wins.

The movement has only strengthened since then, and the Democrats are in full-blown meltdown mode. They are desperate. They are starring in a highly-produced show trial, trying to stoke interest in the dying narrative that Trump conspired in a criminal coup.

They are also cracking down on dissent – aka free speech – at an unprecedented pace. This failed political philosophy can’t afford to have people acknowledging reality, so they are tightening their grip through arbitrary, tyrannical power grabs and unconstitutional means – and people are taking notice.

One thing is for sure – with the way things are looking now – if there is anything short of a massive red wave come November, the rigged election in 2020 will look like child’s play comparatively.