Steve Bannon’s Partner Says China Targeted Him With “Data Tampering”

( Guo Wengui, the financial backer behind Steve Bannon – the former advisor to President Donald Trump – announced last week that he plans to shut down the GTV video platform after filing for bankruptcy. Wengui also claimed that hackers accessed the website and engaged in data tampering.

The Chinese-language video website was launched in 2020 by Bannon and Guo and was widely used to share anti-Chinese Communist Party videos and reports. It was also responsible for sharing much of the content found on the famous Hunter Biden laptop, including video clips of the young Biden engaging in sexual activities with very young-looking girls while smoking a crack pipe.

In an announcement on GETTR, Guo announced that the platform was completely shut down.

“Dear comrades in arms, GTV has been completely shut down at 12:00 in the morning yesterday, due to the massive tampering of data by the Communist Party, hackers,” he said.

The platform also featured daily videos of Guo and Chinese-language translations of Bannon’s extremely popular “War Room” podcast.

Not only did Guo face hacking from the Chinese Communist Party, but the shutting down of his website comes after he faced major financial troubles. Guo filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, and before that, a court-ordered him to pay out $250 million to a creditor who sued him for breach of contract.

Guo wasn’t shy about announcing the bankruptcy, either, signing related documents on video shared on his GETTR account.

“From this moment on, I’m personally bankrupt due to the persecution of the Chinese Communist Party,” he told GETTR.

Well, at least we have Rumble…for now.