Steve Bannon’s Reaction To Liz Cheney’s Defeat Is Going Viral

Last Tuesday, Wyoming voters gave Congresswoman Liz Cheney the old heave-ho. Even with registered Democrats filing as Republicans to vote for her in the primary, Liz couldn’t survive. Challenger Harriet Hageman defeated the Pelosi puppet by 37 points, 66 percent to 29. 

Rather than go gently into defeat, Cheney used her concession speech to vow to continue her war against former President Donald Trump to make sure he could never run for office again. 

The arrogant Cheney even compared herself to Abraham Lincoln: 

Meanwhile, the Democrat-supporting corporate news media, bitterly angry over her loss, claimed that Cheney’s defeat was a win for “principles” and “decency” as they indulged in laughable fantasies of a Cheney 2024 run for the White House. 

According to the media, by voting for Cheney’s challenger, Wyoming voters were undermining “democracy.” 

Cheney also claimed in her concession speech that she could have won the primary if she joined in Trump’s claims that Joe Biden stole the election.  

That, of course, is nonsense.  

Liz Cheney didn’t lose Wyoming because of Trump. She lost Wyoming because she was no longer representing her constituents.  

Instead, the people of Wyoming were cast aside so Cheney could hitch her wagon to Nancy Pelosi, wage war on the entire Republican Party, and suck up to the Trump-hating liberal media.   

The people of Wyoming were no longer her constituents and they knew it.  

And while the media was beside itself with grief, Trump supporters celebrated Cheney’s loss.  

Donald Trump Junior celebrated Cheney’s defeat on Twitter, posting a meme showing Cheney working at a McDonald’s drive-through passing an order to a laughing former President Trump. In his tweet, Trump Jr. mocked Cheney comparing herself to Abraham Lincoln.  

During his podcast the day after Cheney’s humiliating defeat, Steve Bannon transitioned to commercials using clips from the song “The Wicked Witch is Dead” from the movie “The Wizard of Oz.”