Supreme Court Deals Major Blow To Democrat Effort

( In one of their final decisions before wrapping up this summer’s term, the Supreme Court delivered a crippling blow to the Democrats’ plans to undermine the integrity of US elections.

In a 6-3 decision on July 1, the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s voting rules that prohibited ballot harvesting in the state and also disqualified any ballots cast in the wrong polling place.

In the case Brnovich v. DNC, the DNC challenged Arizona’s laws claiming they were discriminatory, and the 9th Circuit Court agreed.

However the Supreme Court overturned the 9th Circuit ruling and upheld Arizona’s ability to prohibit third-party collection of mail-in ballots and agreed that the state can disallow votes cast in the wrong precinct.

With its ruling the SCOTUS acknowledged the rights of states to enact reasonable voting regulations in order to preserve the integrity of the election process. It also reiterated that Federal law should only be allowed to strike down state voting laws on rare occasions.

This decision coming while Congressional Democrats hope to use Federal election law to strike down every existing state law is bad timing for the Democrats. The entire purpose of their “For the People Act” is to effectively require all states to adhere to one standard of election law set by the Congress.

The precedent set by last Thursday’s ruling throws an enormous wrench into their plans.

Additionally, shortly before the SCOTUS ruling, the Biden Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the state of Georgia for its new voting laws. Some believe the reason the DOJ rushed through this badly-conceived lawsuit was to get it in before the Brnovich v DNC decision was made.

The ruling last week makes the DOJ lawsuit, which is already farcical, all the more ridiculous.

The Court’s decision has left Congressional Democrats and the White House fuming.

Speaker Pelosi accused the Supreme Court of continuing “its unprecedented assault on voting rights.” And Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called the decision “one of the darkest days in all of the Supreme Court’s history.”

In light of the ruling, the familiar demands to pack the Supreme Court once again revved up to a fever pitch.

Meanwhile, Mark Elias, the Democrat attorney taking the lead on challenging every voter integrity law, vowed to continue fighting “to protect voters from suppressive laws.”

According to the White House, President Biden said he was “deeply disappointed” in the court over the ruling. Of course he is. “Ballot harvesting” got him elected.

The Court’s decision split on ideological lines with the six conservative (or nominally conservative) Justices upholding the Arizona laws and the three Liberal Justices dissenting.

In her dissent, Justice Elena Kagan echoed the DNC’s talking point claiming that Arizona and other states are only passing these laws to “keep minority voters from the polls.”