Supreme Court Justice Sold Property In Private, According To Media

( — Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas once again made headlines. His issue now is that he reportedly failed to disclose property that he sold in private. In 2014, Thomas sold a real estate property to a wealthy GOP donor who had previously hosted the justice on vacation.

Harlan Crow purchased the home and two private lots for $133,363, according to ProPublica, a nonprofit journalism organization. Legal experts are now saying that failure to disclose the sale may be a violation of federal disclosure law that requires justices to report such transactions over $1000.

Crow bought a total of three properties from Thomas and his family. State tax documents show that home improvements were also made that cost tens of thousands of dollars, including roof repairs, a new fence, and a new carpet. Thomas did file a disclosure form in 2014 but failed to include Crow’s name.

The disclosure is reportedly intended to reveal any conflict of interest. Virginia Canter, a legal expert, said that because Thomas sold the home to someone who supported his lifestyle, it is curious whether or not this was attempted to push “cash in their pockets.”

Thomas denied wrongdoing and said that he and his wife have known Crow for over twenty-five years. He said that he was advised that his friend had no business to the Court and was able to go unnamed in the report. He added that he will always follow the guidance of his colleagues and comply with the law, but the guidance on disclosure recently changed. He affirmed that he intends to follow these new rules as well.

Crow said that he bought the property from Thomas to preserve it for his mother and eventually turn it into a museum for the justice, who he calls “one of our greatest Americans.” Thomas has been on the critical side of the left for years now, especially after the Court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade.

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