Susan Collins Makes History In U.S. Senate

( Republican Senator for Maine, Susan Collins, hit a historic milestone last Thursday, marking her 8,000th consecutive vote in Congress. According to a report by Roll Call, Senator Collins has voted without fail every for the last 25 years.

Collins’ 8,000th consecutive vote came when she voted to confirm Elizabeth Prelogar to be the next solicitor general.

Proving that senators can and should work diligently to represent the people who elect them, Collins has been committed to her voting consistency for many decades.

“When I go to talk to school children, and I’ve visited more than 200 schools in Maine, I always tell them about my voting streak,” the senator said recently.

She said that her consecutive votes are the equivalent of going through kindergarten right through to the senior year of high school and not missing a single day.

“And the kids they inevitably go, ‘wow!’, and the teachers, they always approvingly nod,” she added.

Roll Call noted that Collins isn’t the first person to reach this milestone, but she’s one of very few who has. Republican Senator for Iowa Chuck Grassley had his 8,927 consecutive votes recently before he was forced to go into quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19.

And while strong voting records tend to be a feature of Republican elected officials, Wisconsin Democrat is famous for vesting 10,252 consecutive votes during his time in the Senate.

Collins’ historic achievement was celebrated by Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Republican Senator Roger Wicker, who all tossed confetti into the air in celebration.

Even far-left New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer congratulated her.

But, you know he’s saying nasty things behind his back…