Suspicions Linger Surrounding Death Near Obama’s Home

( — The Massachusetts State Police are reportedly withholding information about the accidental drowning death of Barack Obama’s former chef Tafari Campbell, the UK Daily Mail reported.

The New York Times reported that Campbell’s body was discovered by Massachusetts Environmental Police on the morning of July 24 about 100 feet from shore in 8-foot deep water after falling off of a paddleboard on Edgartown Great Pond in Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday, July 23.

The Dumfries, Virginia, resident was vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard at the time. The Obamas were not at their nearby residence.

Emergency services from Edgartown responded to the pond just before eight on Sunday evening after receiving a 911 call about a male paddleboarder going into the water. According to the State Police, the man struggled briefly before submerging in the water and not resurfacing.

Another paddle boarder who was with Campbell at the time saw him go under.

State Police, local fire units, including divers, and members of the US Coast Guard assisted in the search. After searching for several hours Sunday night, the search operation was suspended to allow rescue teams to re-equip, the State Police said.

Campbell’s body was found the next morning.

But ten days after the drowning, the State Police say the investigation is ongoing, prompting some to ask why, the Daily Mail reported.

One public safety official told the Daily Mail that the investigation is being dragged out “unnecessarily” and said it isn’t clear what information officials are still waiting for.

Justin Silverman of the New England First Amendment Coalition told the Daily Mail that by withholding information, the State Police could jeopardize the investigation into Campbell’s death.

According to the Mail, the State Police has instructed the agencies involved in the matter to reject all public records requests for information

In one instance, the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office, which fielded the initial 911 call, declined the Daily Mail’s request for information, saying that it would not be in the public interest to disclose any materials at this time.

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