Syria Hit By Abrupt Airstrike

( Four Syrian soldiers were injured on Wednesday night and material damage was reported after Damascus was hit by an airstrike, but this time it wasn’t President Joe Biden’s trigger finger to blame. The strikes were reportedly authorized by the Israelis, according to Syria’s state news agency SANA, and appeared to come from Golan Heights.

The Lebanese press claimed that Israeli aircraft were seen flying over Lebanon.

“Israeli airstrikes, after midnight, targeted several sites of the Syrian regime and militias,” the Syria Post reported on Twitter.

“The air defenses of the Syrian regime tried to stop the airstrikes, and a missile fell from them in the town of Ruwaisat, inside,” the outlet added.

The airstrikes appear to have been targeting sites that belonged to both the Syrian military and militias backed by Iran, close to the Damascus International Airport as well as the western and southern regions of Syria’s capital city.

Halab Today TV claimed that at least a dozen people were killed in the strikes. Large explosions could be heard by local people near the border between Lebanon and Israel.

Following the attack, the airspace over the Golan Heights was closed to all flights over 5,000 ft.

The images shared by social media users and media outlets showed buildings on fire, though it remains unclear whether the fires were caused by the strike or whether they simply occurred at the same time.

The Jerusalem Post reported how the strikes “come after a series of cargo flights between Syria and Iran were reported over recent weeks.”

They are the ninth airstrikes to occur in Syria since January, with most strikes being attributed to Israel. And some, of course, coming from President Joe Biden merely weeks into his new role I the White House.

According to the Syrian Capital Voice, the airstrikes targeted a shipment of weapons that was arriving at the Damascus airport that day, indicating that Israel was taking similar decisions as President Donald Trump – namely, a targeted strike designed to take out weapons and specific extremists.