Taliban Calls In Russia To Control Afghanistan

(PatriotWise.com)- Even after President Joe Biden delayed the full withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, diverging from former President Donald Trump’s plans to end America’s longest-running war, it looks like he’s still bungled it.

A delegation from Islamist jihadi group, the Taliban, has reportedly met with officials from the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow to discuss the control of Afghanistan. It comes after more than 90% of American troops were withdrawn from American bases in Afghanistan earlier this month, following years of careful preparation by the Trump administration.

Agence France-Press reported on Friday how the Taliban now claims to control 85% of Afghan territory in the wake of America’s withdrawal, with members of the delegation who visited Russia claiming to control 250 of 400 total districts in the country.

According to the French news agency, the claims made by the Taliban are impossible to confirm and are disputed by the Afghan government, which is headquartered in Kabul.

Zabijullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, said that their terror organization recently captured Islam Qala, a border town, early this month. The recent delegation to Moscow also “assured” Russia that they would not allow any other Islamic Jihadist and terror organizations to use Afghanistan for their terror operations.

Another spokesman for the Taliban, Mohammad Sohail Shaheen, told the press that their Moscow delegation wanted to assure Russia that they would not allow any other organization to use Afghanistan soil in a war against Russia or neighboring countries.

Well, that’s good news for Russia, at least. Not such good news for the United States.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement that the Taliban had assured Russia that they did not intend to violate Central Asian borders and that they would guarantee the safety of Russian officials making diplomatic trips to Afghanistan.

Under the Biden administration, we could be looking at Afghan terrorists working diplomatically with an increasingly hostile Russia.

This could end badly.