Taliban Mocks Liberal Media By Calling For “Inclusive” New Government

(PatriotWise.com)- The Taliban, a Jihadist Islamic group that will rule Afghanistan as a theocracy and is already reportedly going house to house and abducting girls under 12 years old to be sex slaves, announced in its first press conference that they plan to form an “inclusive government” in a failed attempt to win support from some of the world’s leaders.

The terrorist organization officially took control of the capital city Kabul and now rules Afghanistan, after the nation’s democratically elected president fled the country, and told the world’s media that they aim to maintain peaceful relations with foreign countries.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that without a doubt, they are now at a “historical juncture” where the political system of Afghanistan “fits in” and that they want to form an inclusive government. He said that there are ongoing discussions about how that government should be formed, and that all parties in the country should participate in it.

The Taliban wants to form a representative and inclusive government that is made up of all existing parties in the country…kind of hard to believe when footage taken from Afghan citizens shows brutality and authoritarianism only days after they took control.

It’s clear that the comments were made in order to appear as though they are meeting the requirements of the deal struck with the Taliban by the Trump administration. It is also a requirement of the United States and other foreign nations before the Taliban can ever be fully accepted as of the official government of Afghanistan.

That’s what United States State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed on Monday, when he said that a future Afghan government must uphold “basic human rights” and cannot “harbor terrorists.”

So far, neither of those requirements are being met, as former Guantanamo Bay inmates have been seen celebrating in Afghanistan on camera, and the rights of women are in the process of being scaled back massively.

The United Nations has called on the Taliban to form a new “united, inclusive and representative” government that allows women a “full” and “equal” participation.

We’ll see.