Target Introduces “Pride” Santa in Their LGBT Christmas Collection

( — Despite the blowback over its Pride Month collection this summer, Target plans to feature LGBT-themed holiday displays in stores this Christmas season, including gay Santas and LGBT nutcrackers, the Washington Examiner reported.

Erik Thompson, Target’s latest head of multicultural merchandising, who describes himself as a Pride Lead and “Senior LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist,” announced last week that he is partnering with the retail giant.

In a post on Instagram, Thompson said he would lead the retailer’s LGBT “multicultural merchandising strategy” and head up the company’s “Pride businesses.” He said it was “time to whip out” the “Glitter & Hellfire” flamethrowers to “rip that old world to shreds.”

Target’s 2023 Pride collection prompted significant blowback among customers, leading to plummeting stock values and the company losing billions.

Target’s estimated losses due to the resulting boycott of the stores were reported at about $15 billion.

In an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” earlier this month, Target CEO Brian Cornell defended the decision to remove the Pride collection from some store shelves, claiming that the customer backlash led to the worst threats against Target employees that he had ever seen in his decade with the company.

Cornell told host Becky Quick that Target employees faced “very aggressive behavior” from customers that included disruptions, destruction of store merchandise, and direct threats, even threats to set the Pride month displays on fire.

When Quick cited some of the concerns Target customers expressed about the summer’s Pride merchandise, including marketing items like “tucking” bathing suits to children and hiring a designer who was a “devil worshiper,” Cornell dismissed the concerns, saying the claims “weren’t true.”

The Target CEO insisted that the company had weathered the worst of the storm and that the boycotts over the summer’s Pride Month collection were no longer hurting Target financially. Cornell said the only financial challenge the retail giant faces is the current decline in consumer spending, which he said every other retailer is facing as well.

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