Teachers Union Drops Ad Labeling Parents As Extremists

Last week, New Jersey’s statewide teachers’ union began running an ad depicting parents protesting inappropriate curriculum in public schools as “extremists.” 

Way to read the room, guys. 

In the 15-second ad from the New Jersey Education Association, a narrator claims that everyone agrees that children “deserve a world-class education,” adding “when extremists start attacking our schools, that’s not who we are.” 

The ad then shows scary-looking black and white photos of parents protesting at school board meetings while the narrator warns that those who “fight to score political points should take that somewhere else.” 

Watch the ad HERE. 

It is amazing that both the Democrats and their teachers’ union donors are continuing to target American parents, even after their attacks against parents during the Virginia gubernatorial election tanked Terry McAuliffe’s campaign and helped put Republican Glenn Youngkin in office.  

You’d think they’d dial back on their anti-parent rhetoric.  

But no. Instead, they are doubling down.  

Showing open contempt for parents of school-age kids seems like a tremendously stupid idea and one that is already backfiring on them. 

A recent Washington Examiner/YouGov survey asked voters if they support or oppose allowing teachers to instruct students on sexual orientation and “gender ideology” in grades K-3.  

A staggering 67 percent of respondents oppose such teaching while only 21 percent support it.  

Maybe next time, the New Jersey Education Association should read the room before producing another vicious ad.