Ted Cruz Calls For Agents To Search Biden Property For More Documents

(PatriotWise.com) – During a recent podcast, Texas Senator Ted Cruz demanded that the Justice Department and the FBI search through Joe Biden’s Senate records which are stored at the University of Delaware.

The university currently houses over 1,800 boxes as well as over 400 gigabytes of digital records from Biden’s 36-year Senate career, including committee reports, correspondence, and draft legislation.

Biden donated the records to the university in 2012. And while the university claimed that the records would be made available two years after Biden’s last day in office (or January 20, 2019), the records still have not been released.

Just hours before Joe Biden announced his bid for president in April 2019, the University of Delaware changed its tune, saying the records will remain under seal until Biden “retires from public life.”

During an episode of his podcast “The Verdict,” Cruz said the hidden documents must be searched to see if they include even more classified documents Biden may have taken.

Cruz said it is illegal for the university to have possession of classified records since it is unlikely Biden’s Senate papers are kept in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility).

He said the Justice Department and the FBI must “examine” all of the boxes and records to see if they include classified material. Cruz said while there should be no classified documents within the records, “given Biden’s pattern,” there should be “zero reason” to have “any confidence” that there aren’t.

Watch HERE.

According to a report in the Washington Examiner, some watchdog groups are also calling on the Justice Department to search the records stored at the University of Delaware.

Pete McGinnis, a spokesman for the Functional Government Initiative, told the Examiner the fact that the FBI found additional documents in Biden’s home than were originally discovered by his lawyers makes it even more “critical” that the FBI search both the University of Delaware and the Penn Biden Center in Washington.

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