Ted Cruz Reveals Heartbreaking Story Behind Child Wrist Band Found At Border

(PatriotWise.com)- Many people outside the cartels’ influence are unaware of the possible sinister significance of the colored wristbands seen on the arms of illegal immigrants at our southern border.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas visited the Rio Grande at midnight on Friday to assess the ongoing migrant catastrophe that President Joe Biden’s administration mainly had left unaddressed.

Cruz made a horrific discovery along the river as he witnessed border guards struggle valiantly to stop the flow of individuals sneaking into the United States.

Cruz held out a clutch of the ragged bits and said he was only down by the river a few minutes and discovered colored bracelets littered about.

Cruz counted out the wristbands – a white wristband, blue wristband, white, pink, and yellow – before making a terrifying discovery.

The senator held up a little band and said, “Look at the yellow bracelet. That was wrapped around a tiny child’s arm.”

Cruz said that the various cartels utilize the colors of the bands to distinguish between their human cargo that has already been paid for and that still owes money to the narco-terrorists.

This lacks sympathy. Cruz declared that this is not humane. Barbaric most closely describes what he is seeing.

Biden’s support for an open border promotes illegal trade and the traffickers who take advantage of the disarray in our immigration system.

Human cargo found in this network is frequently exploited for sex or forced to serve as mule labor for the cartels because there is so little monitoring of this illegal market.
These narcos further use the money made from their cruel underground economy to consolidate their control over Mexico and Central America.

Donald Trump, a former president, allegedly suggested treating the cartels like enemy combatants and bombing their lairs.

Cruz addressed the atrocities at the border in a public gathering after his visit.
Cruz pointed out that human lives are being sacrificed as drug traffickers transport their merchandise across our nation, blaming Democrats and their lax border security.

Which Democratic senators are absent? They’re not there because, as Cruz put it, “you can’t look at the corpses of the children being abused, at the mayhem, and defend it. It is morally repugnant and wicked”.

Color-coded human cargo is just the start of the atrocities we will witness until this issue is resolved.

The instability at the border benefits the cartels. It is unjust to Americans and terrible to immigrants. How much longer can the Democrats tolerate this?