Ted Cruz Says People Should Go To Jail

(PatriotWise.com)- Over the weekend, Texas Senator Ted Cruz said the people involved in the plot to spy on Donald Trump need to go to jail.

In an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Cruz discussed the startling revelations contained in a recent court filing submitted by Special Counsel John Durham alleging a lawyer for the Clinton campaign paid a tech company to monitor the internet traffic at Trump Tower, Trump’s private residence, and the “Office of the Executive” in the White House to find so-called “evidence” of Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia.

Cruz told “Fox News Sunday” host Bill Hemmer that as yet we don’t know what the facts are, but the allegations made in Durham’s filing are “deeply concerning.”

He pointed out how the media “collectively laughed” at former President Trump when, in the spring of 2017, he accused the Democrats of spying on him and his campaign. Cruz added if Durham’s allegations are true, then Donald Trump was “absolutely right.”

What’s more, Cruz explained, if Hillary Clinton, her campaign, the campaign lawyers, and big tech are complicit in this, “it’s a lot bigger than Watergate.” He noted that people went to jail for their involvement in the Watergate break-in, which Cruz described as “a bungled, third-rate burglary.”

And if the allegations made by John Durham are true, Cruz said, “people need to go to jail for this” as well.

During his appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Senator Cruz also discussed the situation in Ukraine. He hammered the Biden administration for blocking his bill to sanction Nord Stream 2, telling Hemmer that Joe Biden becoming President is the best thing that ever happened to Vladimir Putin.

Watch Senator Cruz’s full interview HERE.