Ted Cruz Storms Out Of Interview

(PatriotWise.com)- During a vigil for those killed in last week’s mass murder in Uvalde, Texas, Senator Ted Cruz was cornered by Sky News reporter Mark Stone who demanded to know if last Tuesday’s tragedy meant it was time to reform gun laws in America.

The senator called Stone out for being a propagandist, adding “it’s easy to go to politics.” The senator reminded Mark Stone of the reason they were there, telling him there were the parents of 19 children who will never get to kiss their child again.

The British reporter bemoaned American gun laws that permit an 18-year-old to buy “two AR-15s.”

Cruz told Stone that if the goal is to stop violent crimes like the mass murder in Uvalde, then none of the proposals made by Democrats would have done that.

As Cruz started to walk away, the snotty reporter sneeringly asked why American exceptionalism is “so awful” and why these kinds of mass shootings only happen in America (they don’t), Cruz dismissed the ridiculous remark by acknowledging Stone’s political agenda.

The pushy propagandist repeatedly hectored Cruz by saying “You can’t answer that.” Finally, Cruz asked Stone why people from all over the world come to America. He added that people come to America because it is “the freest, most prosperous, safest country on Earth.”

Then, Cruz turned and walked away.

Naturally, the UK press is describing this inappropriate ambush at a freaking vigil for the dead as Ted Cruz “storming out” of an interview.

He didn’t “storm out.” All he did was turn around and walk away.

Watch HERE.