Teen Arrested After Intentionally Hitting Cyclists with Car

(PatriotWise.com) — In the United States, across the entire geographical scope of the country, ordinary working people are enduring difficult circumstances. Since President Joe Biden took the helm of the executive branch in the first month of 2021, instability and turbulence have been the norm across America. Most impactfully, in 2022, inflation catapulted to historic heights- reaching percentages of increase not witnessed in forty years. The southern border continues to be a scene of chaos, and droves of what is estimated to be millions of illegal migrants have crossed the U.S. Mexico divide. In American classrooms in Democrat progressively governed states, a culture war rages on as radical ideologies enter the standard educational curriculum at all age levels. Parents, while protesting widely at school board meetings, are locked in a stalemated battle with state and local officials in several regions in the union for control of their children. In summation, the quality of life has seriously declined for working class Americans everywhere. Whether one lives a cosmopolitan lifestyle or embodies the rural traditions of much of the nation, things have not been easy in contemporary times.

As crime soars in cities across the United States, tragic occurrences are not limited to urban centers—they occur everywhere. On Wednesday, September 13th, a teenager was apprehended in Huntington Beach, California, after intentionally driving into three bicyclists over the weekend. In three different accounts, cyclists were struck by a black Toyota. The first individual claimed that at around 10:30, he was struck by the vehicle and left with minor injuries.15 minutes later, another man operating a bike claimed he was “aggressively” sideswiped by a vehicle with the same description. Tragically and fatally, a 70 year old biker named Steven Gonzales, the third victim, was hit at high speed. The Toyota, driven by the teenager, fled the scene. Paramedics arrived, but Gonzales perished.

Law enforcement officials claim the attacks were intentional but did not disclose possible motives.

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