Tennessee Pastor Says He’ll Ban Church Goers Who Wear “Democrat Game” Masks

(PatriotWise.com)- A showboating Tennessee pastor who became a lightning rod for criticism during the COVID lockdowns is back in the news again after announcing from the pulpit last Sunday that he would not play the Democrats’ game and “kowtow down to a wicked godless culture” by following any new COVID protocols.

Pastor Greg Locke told his congregation that they shouldn’t believe “this delta variant nonsense” and if they start showing up with masks, he would ask them to leave.

Locke also railed against the damage done to the country when Democrat governors locked everything down during the pandemic, adding that they did so for their own personal gain. He pointed out that they may have shut down private businesses, but government remained open and wasn’t hurting one bit.

You really can’t argue with him there.

Locke vowed that if the lockdowns return for a second round, his church would not comply, adding “they will be serving Frosties in Hell before we shut down this place.”

In his political rant, Locke called the government “buck-wild” and “demon possessed.”

The corporate media is going to love promoting this guy. He’s a gift to those in the media that want to portray everyone who reasonably objects to mandated lockdowns and mask requirements as a lunatic. And Locke is tailor-made to do the trick.

Even in its report on this relatively insignificant story, the UK Daily Mail regurgitated all of the nutty things Locke has said over the last year, calling him “far right,” linking him to QAnon, and pointing out that he believes the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

The Daily Mail highlighted some more controversial statements Locke has made in past video sermons – including one where he accused Joe Biden of being a “sex-trafficking, demon-possessed mongrel” and claimed that there are tunnels under the White House where children are held captive by pedophiles.

The Daily Mail report isn’t about Locke because he is newsworthy. This is nothing more than an effort to smear genuine concerns over the government’s response to the COVID pandemic, as well as genuine concerns about voter fraud by portraying these concerns as being the stuff of kooks and weirdos.