Terry Crews Doubles Down, Says “I Told Ya So” About Black Supremacy in the BLM Movement

(FreedomJournal.org)- Terry Crews, the actor and former professional football player, caused controversy recently when he refused to stand by Black Lives Matter activists and warned that their narrative was becoming “black supremacy.” He made the comments during an interview with far-left news anchor Don Lemon on CNN, which caused an immediate uproar from CNN themselves, from the Democrats, and from SJWs.

But the recent comments made by Nick Cannon in a video podcast, in which he said black people have more soul than white people among other statements, have proven Crews right. And he knows it. Crews retweeted a video of Nick Cannon saying that white people are “closer to animals” and “the true savages,” and added quotes of his own comments on CNN from June 16th.

“We have to include this white voice, this Hispanic voice, this Asian voice. We have to include it RIGHT NOW, because if we don’t…it’s going to slip into something we are really not prepared for,” Crews warned on CNN.

Take a look at the video posted by Adam Ford, and see what Cannon says. It’s blatant racism against white people, and a lot of people are noticing it.

Cannon made the comments during a “Cannon’s Class” podcast, and argued that black people are superior to white people because they have darker skin.

“Melanin comes with compassion, melanin comes with soul,” he said, without providing any scientific evidence to support his claim.

“We call it soul. Soul brothers and sisters. That’s the melanin that connects us. So the people that don’t have it, and I’m going to say this carefully, are a little less.”

You know he’s saying it carefully because it’s what he really means…

Terry Crews followed up with a response to a Twitter follower who said no black person will have his back as a result of going after Cannon.

“When I was young, I was never afraid of the KKK…” Crews said. “It was people like you. The threats, the intimidation, discouraging free thought, and ‘the insult of acting white’. My heart breaks because your behavior only reveals you don’t know how powerful you are.”

You go, Terry Crews!