Texas Attorney General Endorses Idea Of Building State Wall

(PatriotWise.com)- Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been front and center in filing legal challenges to Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration laws – as well as fighting against Biden’s rescinding of Trump-era orders from the Remain in Mexico agreement and the construction of the border wall.

Last week, the White House announced that the Army Corps of Engineers would resume construction of a 13.4 mile stretch of border wall levee in the Rio Grande Valley. However, DHS was clear that the work done in this area is not an indication that construction on the border wall has resumed. Instead, this levee wall is being completed to only prevent flooding.

The flooding of illegals over the unfenced border, however, will not be prevented.

In response to the Biden Administration’s refusal to continue wall construction, on March 23, 2021 the Texas Public Policy Foundation suggested using funds from the most recent COVID relief stimulus bill to resume construction of the border.

From their article “Want to Stimulate Texas? Let’s Build More Wall,” Kevin Roberts wrote:

“We need not wait for the feds, though. We can build more wall ourselves.

“That would be an appropriate use of the stimulus funding, even though Democrats earmarked much of it and attached rules that are intended to force Texas and other conservative states to adopt more liberal policies (the funds can’t be used to cut taxes, for example). It’s a massive spoonful of Keynesian economics to help the medicine go down.

“But Texas need not play along. We can use the stimulus money in a way that will truly help Texans, by securing the border.”

On Thursday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sat down for a one-on-one interview with OAN’s Chanel Rion and she asked him about the proposed idea and whether or not it would be legal.

“I actually think that’s a really good idea that we build our own wall,” Paxton told Rion. “The challenge has been cost.”

Paxton points out that with a border of over twelve hundred miles, the cost to Texas would be billions of dollars. Making Texans alone foot the bill would be cost-prohibitive.

“So I’m very intrigued by this idea that TPPF has using these funds.”

You can watch the full interview HERE.