The 200 Year Old Item Pelosi Was Standing Next To Revealed

( We stand on the verge of another world war. Gas prices have skyrocketed to the highest rate since 2008. The Biden administration would rather beg Iran and Venezuela for oil than unleash the US energy sector. And a local Columbus, Ohio news channel is tackling the hard-hitting question: what is that silver thing sitting in front of Nancy Pelosi during Biden’s State of the Union Address last week.

Yeah, really.

Apparently, a couple of people on Twitter made jokes about the silver display on the table in front of Nancy Pelosi, suggesting it was Nancy’s liquor service. So WBNS-10 in Columbus got a crack reporter to break the story wide open.

The silver display, which has been there for ages, is an inkstand.

It’s the same silver inkstand that sat in front of Nancy Pelosi during Biden’s speech to Congress last year, and the same silver inkstand that sat in front of every Speaker of the House during every State of the Union address before it.

Like a lot of items on display in the Capitol Building, this inkstand is old. It was made sometime in the early 19th Century by a Washington silversmith and watchmaker named Jacob Leonard. And so long as Jacob Leonard wasn’t a slave owner, it is likely that silver inkstand will be around for a long, long time.

If Jacob Leonard was a slave owner, no doubt it will be melted down and transformed into a silver statue of George Floyd.

The crack reporter from WBNS-10 went to the House website to find out the history of the silver inkstand, which, according to the website, is the oldest artifact in the House of Representatives, not counting Nancy Pelosi.

The House website describes the design as using the “classical symbols of unity and wisdom” – two things that are in short supply in Washington DC today.