The FBI Is Targeting Project Veritas For Reporting Inconvenient Truths

In late August, two Florida residents pleaded guilty in federal court to “stealing” Ashley Biden’s notorious diary and selling it to Project Veritas. 

With their guilty pleas, the defendants could face up to five years in prison for conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property. 

While Project Veritas paid the pair $20,000 each for the diary, the outlet ultimately refused to report on the contents before the 2020 election because founder James O’Keefe could not verify the authenticity. Instead, O’Keefe saw that the diary was turned over to the police who then contacted the FBI.  

But even without reporting it, Project Veritas continues to be a target of the FBI. 

In fact, according to former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy, the real target of this investigation appears to be Project Veritas.  

McCarthy wrote in National Review last weekend that as part of their plea, the two defendants had to agree to continue cooperating with the FBI in its investigation.  

The FBI targeting a news outlet for doing what every other news outlet has done should be concerning.  

Back in January, constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley noted the deafening silence from the rest of the news media after the FBI raided the homes of Project Veritas reporters over Ashley Biden’s diary. Turley pointed out that the FBI didn’t raid the New York Times or the Washington Post over the Pentagon Papers. 

It’s difficult not to conclude that the authenticity of Ashley Biden’s diary has been verified by none other than the FBI. 

If the diary was fake, would the FBI go to such lengths to punish those involved in recovering it after she abandoned it?  

Highly unlikely.  

The FBI’s actions over this diary also seem to lend credence to the claims that federal law enforcement is being weaponized to protect Joe Biden and his family. 

During his show on The First TV, host Jesse Kelly pointed out that thanks to the FBI, we now know that the rumors about Ashley Biden’s diary are no longer rumors. 

Watch the segment from Jesse Kelly’s show HERE.