The IRS Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do

A lengthy report at Just the News last week chronicles the Internal Revenue Service’s long history of abuse that is not in dispute.

Citing analysis, Just the News’ John Solomon confirms the claim that in recent years, the IRS has disproportionately audited lower-income Americans, including those receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit. The GAO reported that between 2010 and 2021, most of the additional taxes obtained through audits came from Americans earning less than $200,000.

The GAO also reported in the spring that as audit rates have been declining across the board, among those earning more than $200,000, the audit rate decreased at a more significant rate.

According to a 2019 study, five of the counties with the highest audit rates are predominantly rural black counties in the south. Other counties with high audit rates are predominantly Hispanic counties in South Texas and South Dakota counties that are home to Native American reservations.

The Congressional Budget Office also projected that the increased IRS funding in the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” will increase audits among middle- and working-class Americans.

What’s more, over half of all IRS workers were still working remotely as of April 2022, and this trend predated the COVID lockdowns.

Last fall, the National Treasury Employees Unions reached an agreement with the IRS to further expand the number of employees who can work from home, including those in customer service positions.

But the most egregious problem with the Internal Revenue Service is its failure to protect the privacy of American taxpayers.

Earlier this month, the IRS confirmed that it improperly published the private financial information of about 120,000 taxpayers online, including the filers’ names and contact information and significant portions of their financial records.

To date, the IRS still hasn’t held anyone accountable for the 2021 leak to the outlet ProPublica of private tax information from the wealthiest Americans, despite such a leak being a felony.

Read the full report at Just the News HERE.