The “Turkey Slayer” Inspires Other Hunters To Fight Food Insecurity

( — “HeadHunters TV” host Nate Hosie is encouraging hunters and NRA members to donate venison and other game to the hungry, Fox News reported.

Hunters bag nearly 600 million pounds of meat each year, with about half being consumed by their families. Hunters donate nearly 120 million pounds of game meat to food banks and organizations like Hunters for the Hungry. That amounts to about 8.1 million meals for the needy.

Hosie told Fox that the amount of help hunters do for the hungry is not something that gets highlighted often enough. He said that with Thanksgiving coming up, “we should definitely” call attention to it.

The National Rifle Association earlier this year designated November as Wild Game Meat Donation Month.

The gun rights organization is one of the biggest supporters of game meat donation in the US, donating about $650,000 since 2018 to organizations processing donated wild game.

Hosie told Fox that despite the misconceptions about game hunters, the Americans who hunt have respect for both the animals and the terrain.

He said there is more to hunting than just “taking an animal,” explaining that it is also about spending time in the outdoors with family members to watch the wildlife.

Hosie was nicknamed “The Turkey Slayer” when he was a child for rallying people to go on turkey hunts.

He urged hunters to get involved in Wild Game Meat Donation Month by making donations.

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