The UAW Endorses Biden, Calls Trump a “Scab”

( — The United Auto Workers Union officially endorsed President Biden during the group’s three-day conference in Washington on Wednesday, the Associated Press reported.

While addressing the group at the close of the conference, the president told the union that he was “honored to have your back and you have mine.”

Biden, who portrays himself as the most union-friendly president in history, vowed that as long as he was president, “the days of working people being dealt out of a deal are over.”

Earlier in the week, UAW president Shawn Fain dodged the question of whether the powerful union would back Biden in his reelection. But on Wednesday, Fain said the president had earned the UAW’s endorsement.

Fain contrasted President Biden’s clear support for unions with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s anti-union positions, telling the group that President Biden “heard the call” and “showed up.”

Biden was the first US president to join a picket line when he showed up at a Detroit-area GM parts warehouse to stand with striking UAW workers last fall.

By contrast, Fain pointed out that when UAW workers at GM went on strike in 2019, then-president Trump didn’t say or do “a damn thing because [Trump] doesn’t care about the American worker.”

Calling Trump a “scab,” Fain said the billionaire former president only represented billionaires and stood against “everything we stand for as a union.” He said that while Joe Biden “bet” on American workers, Donald Trump “blamed” American workers.

Fain said workers had the choice between electing “someone who stands with us and supports our cause” or “someone who will divide us and fight us every step of the way.”

The Biden campaign is hoping to chisel away at the advantage Donald Trump enjoys among white working-class voters without a college degree.

The UAW endorsing Biden so early in the election season is unusual. Typically, the UAW doesn’t officially endorse a candidate in a presidential election until the spring.

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