“The View” Co-Host Joy Behar May Finally Quit Her Role On The Show

(PatriotWise.com)- In a 2020 interview in Variety, Joy Behar suggested that she would like to retire as soon as her current contract expires.

Well, her current contract expires this summer.

Will the 79-year-old Behar retire? Or will she, like Nancy Pelosi, just keep plugging away despite her advancing age and professionally-colored hair?

Behar told Variety two years ago that she didn’t see herself remaining with “The View” after her contract expires in 2022. But she did suggest that if “I’m as fabulous” in 2022 as she was in 2020, she’d consider staying on.

That’s a rather low bar since Joy Behar has never been what anyone would describe as “fabulous.”

Behar has been with the show the longest. She was one of the first hosts when Barbara Walters launched “The View” in 1997.

In 2013, Behar was fired from the show when ABC daytime executives decided they didn’t want “The View” to be so political — as if Joy Behar is some kind of whip-smart political pundit.

But like every other bad penny, in 2015, Behar returned to the show after “The View’s” ratings cratered without her.

What does it say about ABC daytime viewers that they crave Joy Behar’s ignorant, shrill observations so much they’d stop watching if she left?

And that may be a problem when Behar’s contract expires.

Would “The View” survive the retirement of their inexplicably popular co-host?

Perhaps viewers will feel they get enough ignorant political drivel from co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin that the absence of Joy Behar won’t have them turning off “The View.”

Even if they really should.