“The View” HOST Calls Republicans Something Disgusting

“The View” Host Calls Republicans Cockroaches

(PatriotWise.com) – Sonny Hostin, one of The View’s cohosts, blasted female Republican voters on Thursday morning, comparing them to “roaches.”

Hostin said that the abortion debate is another thing that surprises her. She recently read a poll indicating that white, Republican suburban women will suddenly vote Republican. “It almost seems like roaches are supporting Raid.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, a fellow panelist and a former assistant to Donald Trump, instantly retaliated to Hostin by calling her an “insult to the voter.”

Hostin doubled down, stating further that they were “voting against their own interests. “Will they stay in Gilead? Do they want to live in The Handmaid’s Tale,?” a reference to the totalitarian, dystopian society depicted in the well-known novel and television series, where women are compelled to perform sexual slavery.

Griffin responded quickly and questioned if we love democracy because just saying that is insulting to the voter. She said people make decisions on what’s right for their family.

Hostin has received criticism for her controversial remarks on The View before. Nikki Haley, a Republican politician of Indian descent, was disparaged by her and charged with hiding her heritage.

Griffin, a Republican and former Trump ally, became a permanent co-host of The View in August this year, providing the show’s predominantly liberal audience with a much-needed right-wing perspective. Some of her family members boycotted her wedding last year and criticized her for her beliefs and her relationship with Trump.

According to a Wall Street Journal poll published on Wednesday, suburban white women are leaving the Democratic party due to worries about inflation and crime.

This group of voters, which accounts for around 20% of the electorate, has moved astonishingly away from the Democrats since the Wall Street Journal’s poll in August, according to the poll. White suburban women now support the GOP by a 15 percentage point margin.

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