Lawmakers Finally Have Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

( – President Trump’s federal tax returns for the past six years were given to the Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee.

Last week, the Supreme Court declined to get involved after Trump filed an urgent appeal with the court.

In his emergency appeal, Trump stated to the Supreme Court that “no Congress has ever used its legislative powers to demand a President’s tax returns.”

The tax returns won’t be made public immediately, but you can anticipate selective leaks to the WaPo and NY Times.

Democrats’ years-long quest to delve into one of the former president’s most closely guarded personal matters has concluded with the House Ways and Means Committee now possessing six years’ worth of Donald Trump’s federal tax returns.

A representative for the Treasury told CNN on Wednesday that “Treasury has complied with last week’s court judgment.”

After lower courts ruled that the House had the authority to ask the IRS for the records, the Supreme Court declined last week.

The committee, headed by Massachusetts Democrat Richard Neal, had asked for six years’ worth of Trump’s tax returns, mainly during the time he was president. There were records about Trump personally and a number of his business enterprises.

The public distribution of the materials is not anticipated to occur right away.
Neal announced Wednesday that the Democratic caucus would get together to debate how to handle the tax returns and seek legal counsel. However, he claimed that no meeting date has yet been set.

The representative did not indicate whether or not they would make any of the returns publicly available. The Democratic caucus will meet as the next step, he declared.

Even though some of Neal’s coworkers believe everyone should be aware of any conflicts of interest Trump concealed while in office, Neal and whoever he chooses to pore over the US Treasury documents must be mindful of disclosure laws designed to keep tax records confidential.

According to Lloyd Doggett, a Ways and Means Committee member, the rush through Trump’s taxes could yield information that “justifies our taking some further action.”

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