They’re Calling Mel Gibson “Disgusting” For Associating With Trump

( — The White Stripes’ lead singer Jack White lost his mind last month after celebrities were seen cozying up to former President Donald Trump at the UFC’s 264 event in Las Vegas, the Daily Wire reported.

Trump was greeted by cheers as he entered the arena as the crowd chanted “USA.” As he made his entrance, the former president was greeted by podcaster Joe Rogan, actor Mark Wahlberg, and celebrity chef Guy Fieri, and was saluted by actor Mel Gibson.

In response to Trump’s welcome, White blasted the celebrities for showing “respect” to Trump, saying in a post on Instagram that anyone who would normalize a “disgusting fascist, racist, con man” like Trump is also “disgusting in my book.”

White specifically called out Rogan, Wahlberg, Fieri, and Gibson and said his statement was not an invitation for “discussion/debate.”

Like most celebrities, Jack White has been a very vocal critic of the former president.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, White went on a lengthy Instagram tirade calling Trump an “unchecked egomaniac” that set the US on “the worst, regressive path” and made the government “an embarrassment to the entire world.”

White raged over Trump getting to nominate three Supreme Court justices whom he accused of ignoring the “wants and needs” of the majority by taking the fight for women’s rights “back to the 1970s.”

After accusing Trump of setting the country back by 50 years, White said he hoped that Trump’s father is “waving down on you from heaven” while holding up “a record of all the abortions” Trump “secretly paid for.”

After Elon Musk reinstated Trump’s Twitter account last November, a furious White railed at Musk on Instagram, calling his decision “an asshole move.” White accused Trump of using Twitter to incite violence on January 6.

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