They’re Trying To Remove Sex From Birth Certificates

( The American Medical Association is reportedly pushing for sex to be completely removed from birth certificates, demanding that it is no longer a legal designation and allowing people to choose their sex once they become an adult.

But…but…aren’t we meant to believe children know well enough to choose what gender they want to be?

WebMD revealed that the AMA argues that requiring sex to be included on a birth certificate is a form of “discrimination” and is an unnecessary burden on individuals who do not conform to normal gender identity parameters. The organization says that registering at schools, marrying, or applying to play in a sports team becomes difficult for gender-non-conforming people who have been assigned a sex at birth.

Can you believe this total madness?

The AMA says that they believe that biological sex should still be recorded when a child is born, but that information should only be used for statistical, public health, and medical reasons.

Medical reasons? Didn’t the woke trans movement tell us that biological sex has no impact on biology and therefore shouldn’t be relevant for medical reasons?

The decision was celebrated by the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, with author and doctor Willie Underwood III wrongly claiming that there is a “medical spectrum of gender identity” that assigning binary sex at birth undermines.

What spectrum? There are men, there are women, and there is a tiny proportion of people who are born biologically intersex.

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