This RACIAL College Course Is Too Evil For Words!

“The Problem With Whiteness” College Course Launched

( – The substantial Critical Race and Ethnic Studies at the University of Chicago, whose yearly tuition is roughly $60,000, is offering a seminar titled “the problem with whiteness” this winter.

Daniel Schmidt, a college sophomore, tweeted about the course-

“EXCLUSIVE: The winter semester at my college, @UChicago, will have a seminar called “The Problem of Whiteness.” I’ve recorded every anti-white bigotry I’ve witnessed on campus since I started college a year ago. This is, without a doubt, the most extreme instance.

The course description states that critical race theorists have shown that whiteness has historically served as an “unmarked” racial category, filling a default context against which non-white or ‘not quite’ others seem as aberrant. The repercussions of this saturation are extensive, affecting everything from the distribution of environmental health risks to the concentration of money, power, and property.

This beginning, which wrongly attributes “whiteness” to any oppressive aspect, effectively establishes the critical race theory lineage of the course in its Marxist roots.
Further, CRT equates whiteness with capital in that throughout history; whiteness attracted all riches to itself at the expense of non-white people.

By focusing on conquest, subjugation, genocide, slavery, segregation, migration, and diasporas, as well as resistance to these historical and modern practices of subjugation, students who earn degrees in this field of study are promised an education that will teach them to view history through the prism of race.

Racial essentialism in the form of critical race theory places people in specific power structures and hierarchies based on their racial and ethnic identification groups. According to the idea, this is the most important defining and restricting principle in human existence.

Whiteness is described in the course description as “a visible problem within liberal political discourse” with “worldmaking (and razing) implications.”

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has stated that CRT in institutions is “state-sanctioned racism.”

You have to consider how to address the “Problem of Whiteness,” according to Schmidt. “This is the mindset and language of those who despise white people. And under the pretext of “academic freedom,” they have seized control of every university. No rational academic can disagree with it without jeopardizing their job.

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