Thousands Plunged Into Darkness After Texas Winter Storm Hits

( Huge numbers of Texas homes were left without electricity last week as Winter Storm Landon swept through the state, causing power outages and chaos on the roads thanks to freezing rain.

While the Winter storm wasn’t quite as serious as the 2021 storm, which caused chaos throughout the state, it caused plenty of disruption. 50,000 power outages were reported across the state as of 5am on February 3, with most homes and neighborhoods affected located in the northern part of the state. Some counties in the central-western area of the state were also impacted.

Some 245,000 Texas New Mexico customers were reported as being left without power, and a further 103,198 Farmers Electric Cooperative customers were left without power. Oncor saw the most customers left without power, with 3,835,950 customers affected.

The snow and blankets of solid ice also caused problems for ranchers across the state, with Fisher County ranchers and farmers left scrambling to care for their livestock in the extreme conditions.

The storm arrived on February 2, first bringing rain, then sleet, then snow. It formed layers of ice across the state, making it difficult for the snow to be cleared – and making it even more difficult for livestock farmers to go about their daily business.

“We had some rain. From the rain it turned to sleet, and then the snow hit…I think the sleet is harder to deal with than the snow,” Leindy Estes, a rancher from near Abilene, told Texas Farm Bureau.

Footage from news reports showed the extent of the snow, too. The Weather Channel reported how regions between New York and Texas were badly hit by the winter storm, with footage from Cleveland showing white skies and white ground.

That’s two years in a row Texas has seen major, unexpected winter storms.